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The Website of Cameron Porter – Preservice Music Teacher

Preservice Music Teacher currently studying at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Technology in Music Education – Project Reflection

My Project is a teaching and student resource, aimed to help construct detailed play along backing tracks for students to record their own solos in the mix of MIDI instruments from iReal Pro, imported into Soundtrap. I created a step by step process outlined in stages in my website, going into detail on how to…

Technology in Music Education – Weeks 12 and 13.

In our last 2 weeks of classes with James and Brad, we had some more chances to talk with Brad about the course, TPaCK, and were introduced to another concept called SAMR. Brad mentioned how often when looking at the NSW music curriculum and teaching methods, it’s important to ask ourselves why we are teaching…

Technology in Music Education – Special Projects and Week 11

During Special Projects Week (week 10) I met with Dr. James Humberstone and had a chat about what I could do for my project as I have been apprehensive about what I can make. I mentioned that I was interested in something I had done in the previous semester as a revision activity for Jazz…